There have been many stories where cannabis has been said to help cancer and tumors. In one particular story, a four-year old boy with an aggressive brain tumor, is doing so much better all because of cannabis.

William Frost’s parents were told he was dying from an aggressive brain tumor. The ependymoma tumor was diagnosed back in 2014. The father said, “In late 2013, we started noticing William’s head tilting to the right-hand side – no one had ever seen anything like it before.”

‘His balance was off, and he started vomiting randomly – so we took him to the GP.” ‘They referred us to the ear, nose and throat clinic, but things got so bad that we took him to A&E.

‘After a few days, they realised something was quite seriously wrong, and did an MRI scan – that’s when they discovered a tumour the size of a golf ball.”

Despite surgery and chemotherapy, the parents were told in 2016 that their child was dying.

A private clinic had prescribed the boy cannabidiol (CBD) oil, without the THC, the chemical that creates a “high” effect.

The boy’s tumor had shrunk by two-thirds just a few months later and he is now able to return to school.

The young boy’s father said, “‘We were desperate and willing to try anything – when we read the research on cannabis and tumours it gave us hope.

‘It cost us £2,000 for a nine month supply, but we wanted to make sure we were giving William the best quality stuff – we gave it to him diluted in water.”

Professor Richard Grundy, who consulted William, said: ‘Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children in the UK but the disease receives less than one per cent of the UK’s cancer research funding. Increasingly families are using CBD, often at great expense, presently there is no evidence that it might be of benefit or even what dose to use or how often. It is therefore very important to obtain objective scientific evidence of whether CBD is active against children’s brain tumour cell lines.”

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