The Church of Cannabis, an “Elevationist” church in Colorado, will soon be the first church to offer wedding services that are “cannabis-friendly.”

Yes, that’s right. Cannabis weddings. Apparently there has been such a high public demand for these kind of weddings that the church had to answer.

Lee Molloy, a spokesperson for the church said, “We thought there would be interest from people wanting to get married at the church, but we never expected such a response.”

“The demand from couples interested in celebrating their wedding with us…has been far greater than ever expected. We are truly excited to start turning those dreams into realities.”

For a price of $4,200, couples can get what is called the ‘Elevated Wedding Package,’ which offers a space for up to 200 guests and even a lifetime membership to the church. It’s up to you if you want your own officiant or to use one that the church has.

It was just recently the church had its opening day in Denver and the more than a century-old building had a couple of hundred people show up.

Apparently marijuana in a religious building is a hot thing.

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