Montel Williams was the first African American man to host a syndicated daytime talk show. His show went on for seventeen seasons, and many have no idea that during this time he was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Williams was diagnosed back in 1999.

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the immune system and causes it to attack the insulation around the nerves. A person with the disease feels intense burning from their head down to their toes.

Williams has used cannabis almost everyday for the past 17 years, as it helped alleviate his symptoms. He hasn’t smoked it however in over ten years. He takes a handful of pills each morning along with cannabis as part of his treatment.

Williams joked with Business Insider, “I have dexterity problems. I can’t roll a joint to save my life.” The former talk show host has said that cannabis today helps him function.

Last month, Williams launched a line of cannabis products that are available now in over 30 dispensaries in California. Lenitiv Labs makes the products which are high quality and user friendly. The oils and drinks are designed for medical marijuana users. The three formulas available vary the ratio of THC and CBD so that patients can control their doses with precision.

Lenitiv Labs uses a type of cannabis extrade that is made from compressing carbon dioxide at high pressures.

“This industry has gotten so caught up in making money, they forgot they’re leaving patients on the battlefield,” Williams has said. He hopes to expand Lenitiv Labs to every state that has legalized medical marijuana.

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