Weed has become a huge part of our world right now, especially with so many states legalizing it. Apps have popped up all over and if you love your weed, these are the five you should definitely consider having on your phone.

1. Leafly. This is kind of like the Yelp! of weed combined with Wikipedia and Amazon. You not only can read articles about weed with the app, but you can find local dispensaries, write reviews, and see daily deals from participating dispensaries in Washington.

2. Releaf. This app is more geared towards medical marijuana users but anyone can actually use it. It helps you track your usage and what ailments you treat with marijuana. With charts and graphs that cover multiple sessions, it can help find what really works for you.  Using this app helps you see what strain of cannabis does what for you.

3. MassRoots. If you’re interested in looking at thousands upon thousands of photos and videos of nugs and glassware from around the world, this is the app for you. You can even make your own profile.

4. weGrow. This is an app for the first time grower and it can track all of your metrics and even give you advice on what you’re doing. If you’re already a grower, than you may wanna try the next app.

5. GrowBuddy. This is an app for someone who is a veteran grower and it can help with your tracking methods, progress, and even help you with experimentation.

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