According to Cam Battley, the vice president of Aurora Cannabis, which is the second largest cannabis company in the world, the company could be ready to establish a brand new frontier.

Aurora Cannabis just saw its quarterly revenues explode to $5.2 million. The company is eagerly waiting for Canada to move to legalize marijuana.
“We will be ready on day one,” Battley said. “The announcement (the federal government) would proceed with the consumer legalization of cannabis allowed us to evolve our business strategy.”

According to Battley, there are more than 160,000 people with a prescription for cannabis in Canada and that number is growing by 10 per cent each month.

“That’s an excellent foundation on which to build the world’s leading consumer cannabis system – which is what we’re doing now,” he remarked.

The company has a 55,000 square-foot production facility in Mountain View County which is right outside Calgary. The facility is already producing around 5,500 kilograms of medical cannabis a year. A new facility called ‘Aurora Sky’, that is located near the Edmonton International Airport, will begin production at the end of this year.

Aurora believes that Alberta is going to lead the way in establishing protocl for the recreational marijuana market.

According to a Deloitte Private study found in Canada, the economic impact of legalized recreational marijuana is potentially more than $22 billion.

Battley has said that the government has been “very supportive.”

He explained, “Protection of youth, consumers, public health and safety is foremost on their minds, yet at the same time, they’re also aware of the economic development opportunities and have been extremely supportive in that vein.”

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