Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Subsidiary Buys Majority Shares of Jinvator
Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) reported that its subsidiary firm Cannabis Science Europe GmbH has acquired almost 75% of Jinvator Bio Med GmbH. CBIS EU and Jinvator will refine, advance, and bring the nanoGold assessment process to market, an offering that supports early HIV-testing without any risk of diagnostic gaps. Both firms will mutually share the advancement of intellectual property and development of bringing the technology to market.

The details
Cannabis Science reported that HIV/AIDS comes in the list of the gravest epidemics of modern times, impacting 34 million patients internationally. The prospect of being treated enhances with early and timely detection. Recent trials have demonstrated that newborns, when diagnosed early, can be treated from HIV/AIDS.

Despite existing tests being able to spot HIV within 3-months of infection with a probability of 99%, the 1% uncertainty factor remains. The nanoGold assessment intends to reduce that risk by utilizing nanotechnology to safely diagnose HIV within 1-week of infection. This test can spot a single virus in saliva or blood with a 10,000-fold dilution.

Dr. R. S. Bhardwaj, the President of Jinvator, reported that there is a huge scope for the nanoGold test, ranging from the blood banks to general public, hospitals and laboratories. As an unrivaled and original testing kit intended for quick and convenience diagnosis, there is prospect for the product to receive a strong response internationally. Moreover, the nanoGold test is believed to be more cost-effective for the end user, as compared to other related tests on the market. It can be assessed and performed easily without technical helps.

Jinvator Bio Med GmbH is a Bio Medical firm that focuses on the manufacturing of pharmaceutical raw materials, advancement of therapeutics, diagnostics, medication and related offerings. The firm assumes technological and commercial services and consulting for the biotechnological sector. At the same time, Cannabis Science focus also remains on the R&D of many drugs including CS-S/BCC-1 and CS-TATI-1.

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