Makes sense that with how well Colorado’s marijuana business is doing, that there would be a hotline in the state.

Denver just launched a 24-7 hotline for anyone who has marijuana health and safety questions. Called the Marijuana Health & Safety line, you can call it at 1-877-741-3777.

The hotline is a pilot program from Denver Health and Denver Environment Health. If you have a question about serving sizes, possible allergic reactions, how cannabis may mix with other medicines, or about occupational saftey hazards, this is the number to call. It will connect pharmacists, nurses, and toxicology officials to citizens who have concerns.

Chris Hoyte, the fellowship director and associate medical director at Denver Health’s Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center said, “Given the fact that (marijuana) is more prevalent now, the variety of the calls have gone up.”

Denver agreed to allocate $15,000 to the pilot program that will have a duration of three months. Officials said the program could be extended.

Danica Lee, director of the Public Health Inspections Division at Denver Environmental Health, said, “We might see some trends or we might not; but either way, I think this will be a helpful resource for consumers (and industry members).”

Officials have remarked that the line is not for emergencies nor for getting information on marijuana business listings.

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