Marijuana is a dangerous drug according to Kellie Leitch a conservative leadership hopeful.

Kellie’s sentiments

Kellie made a promise, that should she succeed in becoming the party leader paving way to becoming the prime minister eventually, she is going to undo the efforts by the liberal government to legalize marijuana. She said, “I don’t think that we should be legalizing this drug; this is a dangerous drug and I don’t want it in the hands of children.”

Speculations from the market

A lot of public health as well as safety concerns have been raised concerning legalizing marijuana. This is amid government’s preparation to table the legislation to legalize and control its sale later this week.

Political Ottawa has been full of speculations for a couple of weeks now in relation to what will constitute the bill. The bill is expected to be tabled on Thursday. One of the main recommendations that the government is expected to act on is setting the age limit to be 18 on individuals seeking to purchase the drug.

Scientific research on the drug

Scientific evidence indicates marijuana has the likelihood of having damaging effects on the brains of individuals below the age of 25. It should therefore be provided in pharmacies to patients with doctor’s prescription.

In a submission made in August to the federally appointed task force on the drug, the Canadian Medical Association gave a recommended age limit of above 21 years. It also gave limits on quantities as well the potency to people of between 21-25 years in a move to discourage its use and also sharing with underage friends.

Comments from the government representatives

The main motive of the Liberal government is to control the extremely high rates of cannabis use among the young people who rank as the highest users in the world according to Jane Philpott the Health Minister. Criminalizing marijuana has not in any affected its consumption among the youth. Hence, as the government seeks to legalize it and monitor its usage, the government understands perfectly the potential risks associated with cannabis. The government is therefore adopting a public health approach with a very strict focus on public education.

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