NFL Commissioner Expresses his Stand on Effects of Marijuana, (MJNA) on Players
Following a long term debates on whether Marijuana, (MJNA) is a healthy substance or not, Rodger Goodell has all along been considered to stand with the fact that Marijuana is not an additive substance and neither is it health to sportsmen in the United States of America.
Goodell’s Opinion on Mike & Mike Show.

It was on April 28, this year when he was quoted saying on Mike & Mike that Marijuana is an additive substance, yes; but his stance remains to be that it is unhealthy for any person including NFL players. He is one of those legends who have a unique stance as far as the use of Marijuana for recreational purposes is concerned.

It was through his various opinions on Marijuana use that the NFL board barred its players from using Marijuana during their careers. It was also during this period that one of the team doctors was charged with allowing players to use Marijuana on different occasions. If we bring ourselves to reasoning along with Goodell, then at some point we will be in a position to discover that there are a lot of aspects of Marijuana use. Such aspects, according to Goodell can be negative to the health of the players.

Unhealthy Facts behind Use of Marijuana for Recreational Purposes by Sportsmen Goodell continues to say that there are a lot of complex compounds of marijuana that may not be good enough as we have always thought. The effects are long term when a player ingests or smokes Marijuana. It was through his opinion that many skeptics begun to see the need for the 29 states where Marijuana use is legal to consider barring its sportsmen from using Marijuana for whatever purpose.

The Way Forward for NFL Players and by NFL Board of Directors

NFL has over the years moved along with Goodell’s opinion and it was clear that the team stakeholders were not in a position to consider softening its stance on the use of Marijuana by its players. This is because the safety of its players is the first prioritized factor. Goodell expresses the fact that barring players from using Marijuana for whatever purpose is one way of ensuring that the positive image of the team is upheld. Apart from safety and health of the players, integrity is also an issue worth guarding by regulating the use of Marijuana.

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