Advocates have been pushing for the state of Texas to legalize medical marijuana. This week they made a statement to state lawmakers and plead, “Don’t let misconceptions continue to block a life-improving treatment for people with serious health problems.” A hearing took place in the state that went from Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning regarding House Bill 2017. The bill would make marijuana broadly legal in the state for medicinal purposes.

HB 2107 would legalize medical use of all parts of the marijuana plant for any doctor. Patients who have a debilitating health condition such as cancer, chronic pain, PTSD, and autism, could benefit from it.

Cherie Rineker, a stay at home mom from Lake Jackson, Texas, is suffering from an incurable type of blood cancer since 2012. Medical marijuana, according to Rineker, “will allow me to get off some really strong drugs — some of which harm me as much as my ailment does. There’s no moral high ground in denying medical patients medicinal marijuana when allowable prescriptions rob us of our health.”

Rineker was just one among dozens of people who are supporting the bill and were at the hearing begging to be heard.

Rineker said she tried it in Colorado and that while she was in the state, she never had to reach for her opiods. She alsy finally had a desire to eat.

The Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism were also at the hearing. They have been fighting for legalization as they believe marijuana has fewer side effects than conventional medicines.

Mary Kate Bennett, 60, was another advocate at the hearing who said, “I could eliminate so many (prescription) drugs and be pain free and sleep and not have so much anxiety — if I had access to this in Texas.”

Heather Fazio, Texas political director for the Marijuana Policy Project, a national nonprofit group focused on reforming marijuana laws stated, “All of these people here who can benefit from this don’t have time to wait. We can’t really tolerate indecision from our legislators anymore. All of these people here who can benefit from this don’t have time to wait.”

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