President Donald Trump has been pretty quiet about what his stance is on medical marijuana, that is until this past Friday when he made his first statement about it since taking office.

On Friday, Trump signed a whopping $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill that is to keep the federal government funded through September 30th.

Including in the bill that was approved by Congress is the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment, which disallows the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement agency from using federal funds to prosecute medical marijuana businesses in the 29 states where medical marijuana is legal at tge federal level.

Trump made a statement after he signed the bill, “Division B, section 537 provides that the Department of Justice may not use any funds to prevent implementation of medical marijuana laws by various States and territories. I will treat this provision consistently with my constitutional responsibility to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

According to Tom Angell, the founder of Marijuana Majority who spoke to Business Insider, “[M]y read is it’s basically saying they reserve the right to do whatever they want and enforce prohibition regardless of the statutory prohibition on doing so.”

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