A measure that would legalize marijuana in the state of Vermont, just cleared the state’s legislature this week.

The state has now become the ninth state to allow recreational marijuana use among adults, and the very first to use a legislative process to legalize it. Other states used ballot initiatives to legalize the drug.

Governor Phil Scott has not yet made a final decision on whether he will sign it, as he thinks it is not “a priority for Vermont.”

Matt Simon, the New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project, celebrated and said, “Vermont lawmakers made history today.”
“legislature has taken a crucial step toward ending the failed policy of marijuana prohibition.”

If Governor Scott signs the measure, it will remove civil penalties for possessing one ounce of marijuana or less and would allow adults to keep up to two mature pot plants. The measure would also create a commission that can tax and regulate the drug.

Still progress, but it won’t be until July 2018 that the law takes effect as well.

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