It’s not easy playing football. It can hurt badly and what are players supposed to do with the pain afterwards?

Nine former professional football players in the Denver Broncos Alumni Association have turned to marijuana for relief. These nine players, who have played almost 700 games, unsurprisingly suffer from many aches and pains.

Ebenezer Ekuban, 40, who played defensive end for nine NFL seasons said, “Every day, I wake up in pain, from my ankles to my neck. It’s part of the territory. I know what I signed up for.”

Managing pain for a football player is hard which is why there’s a movement now to change the way the NFL looks at marijuana. As of now, theh drug is on the list of its banned substances.

Over the counter pain medicines as well as prescription pain killers are not the only way to treat pain. According to a study, retired NFL players have used opioids at four times the rate of a regular person.

Marijuana is safer and healthier according to many advocates and in a sport where injuries are normal, it should be considered.

Eugene Monroe, former Baltimore Ravens player, stated, “This pain is never going away. I have to manage it somehow. Managing it with pills was slowly killing me. Now I’m able to function and be extremely efficient by figuring out how to use different formulations of cannabis.”

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