It makes perfect sense that if there can be an app like Yelp that helps consumers find places to eat or spas to visit, that there would be one for people to find weed.

There’s an app now that can help you find places to get pot. It’s called Weedmaps, and its an online service that helps users locate dispensaries nearby.

“Weedmaps is the premiere service for medical marijuana patients to find rate and review medical marijuana products,” said Weedmaps Vice President Warren Applebaum.

“Weedmaps is going to give you all the information in the industry in as few clicks as possible,” Applebaum continued.

According to its website, “ is a community where medical marijuana users connect with other users in their geographic region to freely discuss and review local cannabis co-operatives, storefronts, medical doctors and delivery services! Storefronts and Doctors can list their services for FREE. Users can register for FREE.”

The company has been doing a lot of advertising in Florida since February, with 40 billboards in Miami and 55 taxi tops.

Dr. Kendrick Heywood has a practice called Vior Life in Florida. He is a physician certified in compassionate use by the state.

“In my office alone in the first month we had like 120 patients just call. I’m seeing around 30-50 patients a week about medical marijuana,” he remarked.

Obviously the advertising is working!

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